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  • Wombat

    The most efficient social location tracker


    Reduced battery usage


    So then you have control

  • Wombat

    A breath of fresh air

    Wombat takes a new approach that has never been considered that allows battery life to be increased significantly without sacrificing the accuracy. Using fresh backend technologies it allows for the technology to work better while reducing battery consumption.

    Protected from tampering

    Children these days have a very in depth knowledge about how technology works. That also enables them to interfere with technology. WRU implements a PIN to prevent that pesky child from barring their parents from tracking them.

  • Intuitive Experience

    Wombat is straight forward. So you can get back to your life without worrying.

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  • Team

    Harry Johnson


    Starting back at 17, Harry Johnson came up with an idea of how to do Location Tracking in a more efficient way. With Shredle, he hopes to bring new innovative ideas to the world.

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